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Photo by Drew Coffman
Photo by Drew Coffman

Graduate Studies

The Profession Does Not Need the Monograph Dissertation

Eric Hayot

I say that a collection of articles can prove that someone can do original, publishable scholarship as well as a dissertation. But of course I don’t know, and neither do you. No one will know until someone tries it. . . .


Graduate Studies

Beyond the Numbers: Plotting the Field of Humanities PhDs at Work

Kelly Anne Brown

Though tracking those who left the academy to pursue a range of careers postdegree looks from the outset to be an exercise in data collection, it is really about the stories—absent, untold, ignored—for which we use numbers as a placeholder. . . .


Graduate Studies

Connecting the Curriculum: A Collaborative Reinvention for Humanities PhDs

Eric Wertheimer and George Justice

We recall (and treasure) individual classes and professors. But little else about why and how we were moving through this particular curriculum stands out. We can’t help thinking that we are not alone in having this experience and that this gap is, unfortunately, status quo in our profession . . .


Graduate Studies

Mentors, Projects, Deliverables: Internships and Fellowships for Doctoral Students in the Humanities

Rachel Arteaga and Kathleen Woodward

Since 2013 new graduate internship programs have been announced from Florida to California, and practice-based fellowships have also proliferated. Both are welcome responses to today’s spirited national conversation on the changes absolutely necessary to doctoral education and training . . .
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