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Photo from Miami University
Photo from Miami University

Higher Ed

Rethinking the Tricolon Teaching, Research, Service: A Cluster of Essays

Sidonie Smith

The triad is our common measure, our common discourse, our common complaint. . . . The terms in our mantra appear coequal, but we know only too well that each term carries different weight, holds different value, and applies differently to those in different faculty appointments. . . .

Ferdinand Pauwels
Ferdinand Pauwels


95 Theses

Charles Bernstein

1. Professionalism is a means not an end. Less is more. Professors are better off when they professionalize less and risk extinction when professionalization is primary.

2. Professionalized scholarly writing often seems to play off a list of master-theorists who must be cited, even if the subject is overcoming mastery. . . .

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